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Campbell Crook Counties Overview

Campbell and Crook Counties are two of the counties in the Northeastern part of Wyoming. According to the census of 2020, its total population was 49,133, making it the third-most populous area of Wyoming. The Counties included the area made up of Crook, Campbell, and Weston Counties. Wyoming area is often referred to as the "energy capital of the Nation" because of its coal and mining wealth. According to one estimate, it contributes 35% of the Nation's total energy production. You can check phone numbers of different industries via Several other industries such as quarrying, mining, gas extraction, and others contribute to the county's economic growth.

Popular Tourist Attractions

The popular tourist attractions include Devil's Tower. It is the first National Monument, thus a significant historical landmark that attracts visitors from across the region. Besides this, the counties are home to wild habitats very favorable to large whitetail deer and turkey populations. As a result it attracts a large number of hunters and campers into the area. This part of Wyoming is abundant in wild fruit, pastures, and green land so that the natural scenic atmosphere gives comfort to visitors and adds peace and tranquility to their visit.

Infrastructure & Businesses

Campbell and Crook Counties have an infrastructure network with local and interstate bus services and railroads. The economy is based on tourism, minerals, and timber. The Bear Lodge Mountain is a source of timber that promotes the sawmill industry. Since the area is rich in coal mines, several mills operate in this area. You can get their contact numbers via It's an area rich in mineral extraction. Nelson Brothers Mining Services undertakes support of such activities, making them prominent in the region.

Arts & Culture

The Campbell and Crook counties have a rich cultural heritage. You’ll find art and music festivals that attract tourism. The main population center is Gillette, where the Donkey Creek Festival is organized every year. This festival displays selected works of sculptures from notable local sculptors. Some of the outdoor recreational activities include hunting, camping, and snowboarding. The scenic tours, classic cuisine, world-class skiing, and snowboarding are some of the fun activities you can undertake while visiting.

Campbell Crook Counties Education

The Campbell Crook counties have a typical educational system. The Campbell County District Number 1 provides the avenue for primary public education. Other notable educational institutes include County High School and Thunder Basin High School; check to get phone numbers for such educational institutions. The College in Gillette provides a two-year education program, a part of the Northern Wyoming Community College District. It also has a state-of-the-art library, which is a branch of the Campbell County public library system. The region has a variety of good education options for all residents.

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